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What is head and neck cancer?

It is a broad term used for a varied group of cancers that occur in the head and neck region, broadly includes

What are the symptoms and signs of head and neck cancer?

Ulcer, pain, bleeding mouth/ Difficulty opening mouth

These are the common symptoms of mouth cancer; any of these symptoms persisting for more than 2 weeks needs medical attention from a head and neck oncologist.

Red (Erythroplakia) and white patches (Leukoplakia) in the mouth

These are usually premalignant lesions in the mouth which require early attention or else there is a high chance that these can turn into malignancy.  

Throat pain/Change in voice/difficulty swallowing/Difficulty breathing/Ear pain

These are the common symptoms of cancer of the windpipe (Larynx and Trachea) and food pipe (Pharynx and Esophagus).

Nose block/bleeding from nose/discharge from the nose

These are the symptoms of nose and sinus cancer

Trouble breathing/ Noisy breathing

These are the symptoms related to sinus and windpipe cancers.

Lump in the neck

These can be thyroid tumors, salivary gland tumors, and advanced-stage mouth, and throat cancer.

What are the major causes of Head and neck cancers?

What we offer under Head and Neck services at Pratima Cancer institute


What we offer under Head and Neck services at Pratima Cancer institute


Most Head and Neck experts advise a yearly physical exam of the head and neck region and a yearly routine dental evaluation. Screening is an important aspect to detect early Head and Neck cancer for high-risk groups (who indulge in smoking, tobacco chewing, and Alcohol consumption). Timely intervention could possibly reverse early premalignant changes and early cancer detection could prevent treatment-related squeal that is associated with advanced-stage malignancy.

Why should you choose Head and Neck services at Pratima Cancer institute for screening? 

  • Our institute provides routine screening of the Head and Neck for premalignant and malignant lesion detection. Our community outreach program includes screening camps, to cover a wide range of high-risk populations in rural and urban areas. This is a free service taken by the institute to bring awareness among the general population 
  • Also includes Tobacco and alcohol cessation programs. 


Diagnosis of head and neck cancer includes a detailed physical examination, Targeted endoscopies, Imaging (USG/CT/MRI/PET CT), and tissue diagnosis (FNAC/Biopsy).

Why should you choose Head and Neck services at Pratima Cancer institute for Diagnosis? 

  • Our institute is well equipped with the state of the art endoscopic equipment and Imaging (USG/CT/MRI/PET CT). 
  • Endoscopy: We target endoscopic examination under Local anesthesia/General Anaesthesia depending on the requirement of the patient. 
  • Imaging: Our institute is well equipped with the state of the art Imaging (USG/CT/MRI/PET CT). 
  • Tissue Diagnosis: Depending on the site of the lesion patient may require FNAC (needle aspiration test to study the cells) or a biopsy under Local anesthesia/General Anaesthesia depending on the requirement of the patient for the study of the type of cancer under microscopic examination. 


  • We stage the patient after the detailed evaluation of the tumor to know how widespread is the tumor extent.
  • Every patient will be treated by the multidisciplinary team. 
  • Generally, head and neck cancer are treated with options of three modalities like surgery, Radiation, and chemotherapy.
  • Most oral cancers, salivary gland cancer, and thyroid/parathyroid tumors are treated surgically and If necessary with the addition of chemoradiation.
  • Oropharynx and larynx/pharynx tumors are treated with radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.
  • Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus tumors are treated mainly by surgery if operable otherwise can be treated with chemoradiation.  

Why choose Pratima Cancer hospital for Head and Neck surgery?

Our head and neck surgical oncologists are well-trained in performing a wide range of surgical procedures. 

  • Nasal cavity and sinus cancer – Complex resections (Maxillectomy with or without orbital exenterations/ Anterio craniofacial resections)
  • Oral cancer tumor surgery 
  • Larynx and Pharyngeal cancer (Voice box cancers/throat cancer) – (Partial and total laryngopharyngectomy / Micro laryngeal surgery/ Endoscopic laryngeal surgery)
  • Parotid tumor surgery.  
  • Skin cancer surgery. 
  • Thyroid tumor and parathyroid tumor surgery.
  • Reconstructive surgery (loco regional and free flap reconstructions )
  • Other surgeries:
  • All benign tumors of the head and neck region like ameloblastoma and other jaw tumors. 
  • Head and Neck endocrine tumors: Parathyroid adenoma/ thyroid tumor excisions 

Radiation and Chemotherapy:

Our dedicated team of radiation and medical oncologists provides services with well-equipped radiation services like IGRT/IMRT. Including targeted therapies by our medical oncology expertise.   


  • Rehabilitation is an inseparable aspect of head and neck cancer treatment. It plays the most important part in improving the patient’s quality of life and bringing them back to near-normal status. 
  • We provide dedicated services in swallowing rehabilitation, voice rehabilitation, oral rehabilitation, and lymphedema rehabilitation services. 

Follow-up care: 

Follow-up post-treatment is an extremely critical part of cancer care. Follow up every 2-3 months for clinical examination and rehabilitation. Timely image-guided screening is required for early detection of recurrence. 

Palliation/pain/hospice care:

For tumors that are very advanced and not amenable to any type of cure patients will be subjected to palliation and hospice care to alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of life. 

Why choose Pratima Cancer Institute for Head and Neck cancer treatment? 

Our expertise in head and neck oncology provides services ranging from prevention to palliation. Our motto is to provide personalized cancer care to bridge the care gap. 

Specialty clinics under head and neck services

  1. General Head and neck cancer clinic
  2. Thyroid clinic – One-stop clinic for complete thyroid care.
  3. Speech and swallowing clinic
  4. Cancer screening clinic.
  5. Survivorship clinic.

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